When Rolls-Royce gave us a sneak peak insight into what the ultimate luxury vehicle might look like over the next century with the 103EX, then known as the Vision Next 100, car lovers around the world collectively lost their shit. Now, four months later, we can take a full and detailed look at the crazy concept car.

We can see clearly how the body work almost completely wraps around the wheels, making the car appear as if it's floating a few inches from the ground. Its curved roofline and sloping rear end are probably the sportiest touches to a Rolls-Royce we’ve ever seen, yet they're still so obviously and beautifully identifiable as Rolls.

It comes with laser headlights, a darkened glass canopy (slide 12,) and a larger Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet ornament (slide eight) made of handcrafted glass. The new “Crystal Water” color scheme on the lower half of the car appears more noticeable, and is said to lighten the design and give it a sense of movement, even when parked.

On the inside, we can see the Macassar wood paneling, OLED screens, and a “floating” sofa that sits on a hand-woven ivory wool carpet.

While there's no actual robotic chauffeur, there is something that could be just as useful. In Rolls-Royce’s vision of the future, a human driver is replaced entirely by “Eleanor,” which is artificial intelligence that both gets you from A to B, and acts as a personal assistant.

Check out the full collection of new pictures above.

In other car news, you will soon be able to buy the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

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