For the 23rd day of LOVE magazine’s advent calendar, model Romee Strijd gets pumped up with one very sensual upper body dumbbell workout.

Clad in nude lingerie and a killer pair of heels, you can’t help but admire her strength and determination in keeping her workout routine on point. If only working out could always look this good.

Speaking to the magazine, Strijd says: “What I like about the LOVE Advent Calendar is that they want to showcase women in a sensual perspective, but they do it in a cool, edgy way.” She continues, “The videos are sometimes over the top, showing a bit more of the girls than you regularly see in videos, but they get away with it, as they have a great team of creative people that put all the pieces together in a certain way that eventually makes the videos so cool.”

Check out the fun video above, and for more LOVE advent releases, have a browse of some of the previous ones below.

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  • Main and Featured Image: LOVE TV / Youtube

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