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Australian artist Ron Mueck has wowed viewers with his largest installation to date, titled Mass. Making its debut at the National Gallery of Victoria’s inaugural triennial, the work features 100 giant skulls skillfully piled on top of each other.

Known for his hyperrealistic sculptures, Mass explores Mueck’s interest in the biology of the human skull. Drawing inspiration from Cezanne’s Pyramid of Skulls, as well as medieval Christian rituals, each hand-made piece aims to celebrate human existence.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Mueck said, “Mass intrudes into the 18th Century Galleries like a glacier inching across a landscape, crowding out the powdered, bewigged lords and ladies, a reminder of all our fates.”

Mueck is one of 100 artists to showcase work in the National Gallery of Victoria’s first Triennial of contemporary international art. The Victoria Triennial runs through April 18, 2018, and is a free exhibition.

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