rowing blazers luke edward hall capsule
Rowing Blazers

NYC-based menswear label Rowing Blazers has aligned with British artist Luke Edward Hall for a small capsule collection as part of its SS18 range.

Encompassing five rugby shirts, two sweatshirts, two Oxford shirts, two wool ties, and three corduroy hats, the capsule derives from a series of five illustrations by Luke Edward Hall inspired by the ancient world: a Greek vase; the mask of Tutankhamun; a discus-thrower; a set of ionic columns in ruin; and a statue bust.

This collab came to fruition as Luke Edward Hall and Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson share a love for the Classical World. In Luke’s case, it’s an aesthetic fascination, such as the architecture of Greco-Roman temples, and the human and divine body in sculpture. While for Jack, it was his previous academic pursuit, as he was a field archaeologist in Italy before establishing the Rowing Blazers brand in 2017.

With the pieces retailing for $48 USD to $185 USD, you can find the collection exclusively at the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse in SoHo, New York, and online starting July 25.

For more, you can take an inside look at Rowing Blazers' NYC Pop-up store.

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