Brands: Mister Mort x Rowing Blazers

Season: Fall 2017

Key Pieces: Four pocket tees

Editor’s Notes: Mordechai Rubinstein aka Mister Mort, unveils an exclusive capsule of tees with Rowing Blazers this season.

The designs include two bearing Mordechai's tongue-in-cheek Brooks Brothers-inspired logo with the slogan, "Always Classic, Never Slim, Made in USA," one with his catchphrase "Some men get dressed" and featuring a drawing of a wingtip by Alan Dye and finally, one with a vintage illustration and an advertisement on the back for "Mordechai's Dry Cleaners, Breuklyn, NY, No Phone - Come By."

Availability begins this Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at the Rowing Blazers pop-up at 2 Rivington Street starting 11 a.m. EST, as well as online.

Now check out Mordechai Rubinstein's street style shots for ‘Short for Magazine’ 003.

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