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Wavy Women highlights various industry professionals currently leading the game with their brazen creativity and forward-thinking style. 

The first installment of our Wavy Women series spotlights one of New York City’s most stylish and recognizable denizens, Rox Brown. As the Director of VIP Services at avant-minded digital social media platform and popular retail outpost VFILES, Rox is responsible for sifting through her gilded rolodex of celebrity and influencer clientele to help produce various high-profile store events, performances and fashion shows.

Rox took some time out of her hectic schedule to answer some questions about her personal style, what first piqued her interest in fashion, her greatest career achievements and more.

What first got you interested in fashion?

Hand-me-downs. I used to have to figure out how to make something too big or something that I didn’t like or wasn’t me, look cool.

What was your first big gig?

I really don’t know because I’ve been in some pretty big situations, and in my mind, they seemed to all be my first big gig. What I thought was big then, however, doesn’t seem so big now.

Tell us about your day to day.

I get up, listen to some random music like whatever playlist on Apple or TIDAL, get dressed and let everything else just happen. I’m very go with the flow, so I end up at the most random places on any given day.

If you weren’t doing what you are now, where would you work?

I think I’d be a fighter pilot. Sounds crazy, but I always wanted to fly a jet.

Describe your current style.

I don’t know what my current style is. I just like what I like. Somedays I’m a tomboy, sometimes I’m a girly girl. It’s whatever I’m feeling like.

Who or what are you currently inspired by?

I’m always inspired by music: ’90s-early 2000s especially.

What is the greatest accomplishment of your life so far?

Not working. Although I have a career, I’m not working because I’m having fun and being creative.

What is your most treasured item of clothing?

Pink mink collared dipset chain. I love it because it’s a rare piece.

Where do you want to be in the next five years?

In five years, I just wanna be great. I don’t wanna give myself five years to do anything. I wanna keep accomplishing every month and every year. Where that gets me in five years is where I’ll be.

Dream collaboration? (with whom and what would you create?)

I really want to make a purse with a classic brand like Chanel. That might be a stretch for now but I would def wanna do something cool like that and design something collectable.

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Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America