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If certain cartoons and candy bars make you nostalgic, Nickelodeon has prepared a double hit of wistfulness. Toy and pop culture retailer FYE has reissued Rugrats Reptar Bars — the ultimate grail for Tommy, Chuckie, and the diapered gang in the cartoon — and this time around, they’re available to buy in bulk.

The Reptar on Ice bar is a 1.75-ounce chocolate bar filled with blue frosting that turns your tongue icy blue. Exclusive to FYE, the chocolates arrive in packs of five and cost $20 per pack.

The store is also selling a 6-ounce dino-shaped Reptar Bar Deluxe, which comes with either Christmas tree- or snow-themed packaging and is currently on sale for $15 a bar. The Reptar Deluxe is made from chocolate, nuts, caramel, and “green stuff,” which — you might have already guessed — turns your tongue green.

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