From a powerful and energetic playstyle to an eccentric taste in fashion, Russell Westbrook is a poliarizing figure - and while he's touted as one of the most versatile point guards in the NBA today, it doesn't necessarily mean that his diverse skillset is limited to basketball.

In a new video unveiled by Jordan Brand, we catch a glimpse of the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar dancing and grooving to the sounds of Lil Uzi Vert's "Now I Do What I Want." The video is part of a campaign for the new Westbrook 0.2 sneaker, a silhouette designed for a clean lifestyle look which apparently also functions well if you ever feel the need to bust a move, as evidenced by the video.

Check out the video above, and head over to Nike's official site if you're interested in purchasing your own pair of Jordan Westbrook 0.2s.

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