The early ’00s saw a new wave of skateboarding hit Russia, with new shops popping up to accommodate the hype. No matter your style tribe or cultural influences — rapper, punk, graffiti artist — you'd see skate wear almost everywhere. But then skateboarding started to lose its appeal and the stores started disappearing almost as quickly as they sprung up. Only a few survived and struggled on. But the landscape could be about to change again with the opening of skate shop — or "skate boutique," if you will — ОКТЯБРЬ (October).

ОКТЯБРЬ opened its doors in the center of Moscow over the weekend. The location is near one of the Russian capital's most popular former skate spots, Noviy Arbat (New Arbat). Among those who came to see the new space were the city's skate kids, style aficionados, and Russian fashion and streetwear mainstays Sever, Avdotja Alexandrova (founder of modeling agency Lumpen), Gosha Rubchinskiy, and the whole PACCBET (Rassvet) crew.

Among the hardware, decks, and garms from skate brands Dime MTL, Fucking Awesome, Bronze 56k, and Рассвет, in ОКТЯБРЬ you can also exclusively find Richardson and the latest drop from Angelo Baque’s Awake NY.

Check out the store's interior in the gallery above and, if you're in Moscow this summer, check out the space for yourself.

ОКТЯБРЬ Bolshaya Molchanovka Street 30/7, Building 1, Moscow, Russian Federation

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