Saturday Night Live’s 43rd season got underway this past weekend, with Blade Runner 2049 star Ryan Gosling on hosting duties for the second time.

Always game for a laugh, Gosling featured in several sketches, including a faux-ad about “woke” Levi’s jeans. Seemingly created in another era, the jawnz boast “180 degrees of gender nonconformity.” Watch that bit above, and look out for them coming to street style galleries in the coming months.

In addition, there was a followup to Gosling’s 2015 sketch, “Another Close Encounter.” Alongside Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, Gosling assumed the role of an alien abductee who’d undergone a transformative experience while aboard a mysterious spacecraft. Amid questioning from the NSA, the actor couldn’t stop breaking down with laughter. Watch the new clip below, with a refresher on the 2015 sketch directly under it.

Last but not least, it appears Gosling is still obsessed with James Cameron’s 2008 blockbuster, Avatar. Or at least the font from it. Known for playing obsessives, Gosling hilariously pondered how the movie used Papyrus font for its logo; his frustration eventually culminating in a mental breakdown. (We totally get where he’s coming from here, in fairness.)

When you’re finished watching, revisit Gosling’s opening monologue with Emma Stone.