Ryan McGinley
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WeTransfer’s editorial platform ThisWorks just launched a collaborative project with award winning photographer Ryan McGinley and curator Kathy Ryan, and who is also  New York Times Magazine‘s photography director. The never-before-seen photos were selected from McGinley’s archive and assorted across five categories ranging from family to nudity to rebellion.

In conversation with one another, McGinley said: “Through this process we’ve seen that images are selected, they are transferred, shared, discussed, and live a life of their own. I’m excited to see the meaning they take on and the ideas they inspire as they circulate on the screens of working creatives around the world.”

The intimate dialogue explores the medium of photography as well as the motivations for working with the file sharing platform. Plus points being that WeTransfer Plus users can customize their pages with McGinley’s photos for the next two months.

If you don’t have WeTransfer, you can enjoy a selection of the artist’s photos above, or check out his NSFW monograph “Way Far”.

Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.