Saint Laurent and Jacquard by Google have joined forces for a new Cit-e Backpack. After working with Levi's on the first "smart" jean jacket, Jacquard continues to explore the future of fashion, made possible by technological advances with this new product.

Similar to the Levi's jacket, Jacquard developed a platform that consists of intelligent yarns integrated into the Saint Laurent backpack’s fabric—creating an interactive touch area that allows for gestures. The smart Cit-e Backpack will allow owners to control music, drop pins on the go, and take pictures with a simple gesture.

Available for iOS and Android, the bag provides connectivity from the interactive panel to a mobile phone app. Through the app, users will be able configure touchscreen gestures, notifications alerts, and more with the backpack.

The Cit-e Backpack will be available exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite.

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