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Dating through apps is no walk in the park, as most any of us will probably attest. The frustration that arises from what seems like an easy alternative is the fuel that feeds Sakima’s new single “Apps.” Take a listen to its premiere below.

Speaking to Highsnobiety in an email, Sakima told us that “I made this song as a retort to the dating/hook up culture that seems almost impossible to get away from if you’re ‘in the game’ as it were. I was dating someone in particular and it was going really well but by the end of it, it transpired that even though this guy really liked me he just wasn’t ready to give one person his attention. Not because he wanted to sleep around or anything like that, but because there’s just so many endless opportunities to meet someone new 24/7, how can I compete with that? I’m the kind of person where if I like someone I get rid of all the hook up and dating apps on my phone and give whoever it may be my full attention to see where things go, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the same in return. So through the frustration and psychological stress that comes with feeling like you’re not good enough to compete with an entire world of new possibilities through an app, I sort of found this inner voice in me that was much stronger and self-knowing than before all this dating apps shit that’s ruining potentially meaningful relationships. I seriously now think you should only be using a dating app if you’re struggling to meet new people in real life, and not as a file-a-fax to pick up guys, get them to like you and then drop them to try something new.”

Revisit Sakima’s last release, the single “Holy Water,” below.

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