If you think of bespoke tailoring, you’ll likely think of London’s Saville Row, Paris, New York or Milan. It’s fair to say that Hong Kong isn’t the first place you’d immediately associate with steezy suiting, but one of the city’s most beloved tailors is out to change that. In fact, it has done, for three generations, and it’s a secret among stylish globetrotters in need of a quick wardrobe upgrade.

Nestled in an unlikely arcade, off Hong Kong’s Kowloon Peninsula, you’ll find Sam’s Tailors, and it's been there since 1957. It’s practically an institution among Hong Kong’s historic fashion scene, and it’s long attracted a coterie of global luminaries, from political icons like Bill Clinton to musical legends such as the late David Bowie.

We head to Hong Kong to pay Sam’s Tailor a visit, and get to know its genesis story, and exactly how Sam’s has been able to perfect the 24-hour suit without compromising a thread of quality. Watch the video above to see exactly how a meticulously made bespoke suit is made in Hong Kong.

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