Samsung has filed a patent for a bendy smartphone that could be folded in half like a flip phone.

The request was received by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and included detailed plans and blueprints. It shows a device that can not only be bent into different shapes, but also one which has a second screen on the outside that's only activated when folded shut. That screen is also listed as having a mysterious "semiautomatic-powered" folding system.

All tech companies register an insane amount of patents but, most of time, due to technical difficulties or costs, nothing comes of them. This one stands out, however, because the South Korean company has long been rumored to be working on bendy OLED screens. It also looks remarkably like the concept cellphone Samsung revealed for its flexible Youm display back in 2013 — check out the truly horrific commercial below.

If Samsung could this pull this off, with no faults or explosions, it would go some way to repairing the damage done this summer by the nightmare that was the Galaxy Note7. Flip phones are back in fashion, yet new ones are nowhere to be seen. Is this the modern Motorola RAZR we've all been waiting for?

In other tech news, Punkt’s Retro MP01 dumbphones are now available in two new colorways.

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