South Korean-based electronics giant, Samsung recently previewed the future of home entertainment at a global TV launch event in Paris.

Featuring a premium lineup of QLED TVs, the focal point was directed at The Frame, its newest innovation which was first teased at CES 2017 this past January in Las Vegas.

With the emphasis of art in mind, The Frame can transform into an art piece with the activation of “Art Mode."  Unlike a conventional TV that fades to black when turned off, users can select custom-designed digital art pieces to transform The Frame into a work of art.

Featuring 100 styles -- ranging from architecture, landscape, wildlife, action, drawing and more, in addition to a variety of options for art layouts and colors -- The Frame is meant to elevate any room or viewing environment.

Furthermore, The Frame can be hung and blend seamlessly into any living space without the exposure of wiring or cables, as it features Samsung’s new Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-mount.

Finally, accessory options such as interchangeable bezels and Studio Stand can further enhance the user’s living space. Stay tuned for release details as we get closer to The Frame's official launch.

In other Samsung news, more details on the Samsung Galaxy S8 have leaked.

  • Author:Renz Ofiaza

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