You can now pre-order the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold, but some celebrities have already received their devices ahead of its April 26 release. Samsung went around the world to gift some influential personalities the $1,980 phone and documented the unboxing process.

Watch the video above as Millie Bobby Brown, Mario Götze, Coisa de Nerd, Ninja, Jeanne Damas, Steve Aoki and Casey Neistat get very excited about the foldable phone.

The newest offering from Samsung packs a few more features, including a 7.3-inch display screen, next-generation AP chipset, 12GB of RAM, AKG stereo speakers, and six camera lenses.

For a more in-depth unboxing, take a look at Lewis Hilsenteger aka UnBox Therapy give an extended first look at the anticipated phone. Underneath, you can also see Casey Neistat testing out the device.

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