It seems like every week we're teased with new images of foldable, rollable, scrunchable new mobile displays, but as yet none of them have made it into production. Well, here's another one.

It's been rumored for a while now that the Samsung Galaxy X will feature a display that can be folded up and stuck in your pocket. This week, at SID’s Display Trade Show 2016, Samsung will be showing off one that can do exactly that.

The new display is a 5.7 AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. It's not 4K, but it's still very high resolution for such a small screen. It's super thin at just 0.3mm thick, weighs only 5 grams, and has a radius curvature of 10. This will mean that the display can be rolled up into a circle with a radius of a mere 10mm.

Here's hoping we get an official announcement on Galaxy X in the coming days. Stay tuned for more information.

Meanwhile, other rumors suggest Apple plans to release an all-glass iPhone in 2017.

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