One of 2019's most bizarre hip-hop trends is the controversial "Top 50 rappers" list. What started as an innocent ranking by the Brew Podcast turned into a viral challenge, with everyone from novice hip-hop listeners to T.I. jotting down their faves. Now ScHoolboy Q has spoken out about the trend, and he's not a fan.

In a series of tweets, the rapper expressed how ridiculous these lists are that everyone has been taking so personally. "Imagine having a 48th favorite rapper," he wrote, proceeding to call the people making the lists "weirdos."

Q didn't stop there. He went on to accuse the people making these lists of not having lives, laughing about the ludicrousness  of  having a 36th favorite rapper and "arguing about somebody's 23rd." It didn't take long for rap fans to take offense to ScHoolboy denouncing their hobbies and some quickly hit back on Twitter. Q had a few comebacks for the trolls. Check out his tweets below.

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