Everyone is talking about Selena Gomez new music video "Back To You" but not in the way she probably intended. Visually, the video is beautiful, but most fans quickly realized that it has a pretty close resemblance to popular artist Sarah Bahbah.

In an interview with us, Sarah states, "as an artist it has become my sole motivation to empower women to embrace transparency of emotion, and indulgence of body, mind and feelings". She's gained over half a million followers on Instagram for her intimate transparent exploration of intimate themes of love, pain, and seduction.

Bahbah’s raw storytelling photography style plays out like beautiful film stills with deep colour palettes and her signature poetic subtitles over the pictures. Selena's "Back To You" has the same design aesthetic, and many fans are questioning whether she plagiarized.

Here's Sarah's work:

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And here are stills Selena shared from her video:

Resemblance? The Internet is torn. Some believe it's an exact ripoff of Bahbah's work...

While other are defending Selena...

Selena has not yet commented on the allegations, but tell us what you think. Did Gomez copy Bahbah's artistic style for "Back To You"?

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