Super Bowl LII ended up being a great game, with the Philadelphia Eagles running out 41 to 33 winners against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots. To add to that, Justin Timberlake’s comeback halftime show performance was not only surprisingly enjoyable, but it also had a golden meme moment when a young kid tried to grab a selfie with the superstar.

After dancing with the singer for a bit, the young fan got his phone out and waited for his chance to shine, without realizing that he was already blowing up the internet. “#selfiekid” became a trending hashtag and, almost immediately, a star was born.

Check out some of the best reactions below.

The “Google Memes” were out in force

He knew none of the fucking words. None. (tw: @jamiemccarty)

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Twitter asking the important questions

First Apple slows down batteries and now this

Did anyone get passed the lag on question 5?

Selfie kid definitely made up for the rest of the show


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