Tech company Semcon presents a revolutionary new "smart engine" that will be capable of turning any bike into an electric-powered cycle for the cost of only $100.

Advances in 3D-printing and an Arduino computer have enabled Semcon's engineers to create the budget gadget, opening up electrified bikes as an affordable alternative to traveling by car without the sweat and effort of ordinary cycling. The engine is controlled by a small computer containing sensors that interpret the cyclist's pedal speed to give you a comfortable, smooth and safe ride. It weighs in at just over 1kg, and to save battery life, the engine kicks in at 7 km/h and switches off at 25km/h.

Check out the full story of the concept below, and stay tuned to find out when the smart engine will be available to purchase.

Also, IKEA are about to launch a chainless, urban-friendly bike.

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