Inspired by New York's famed High Line, a Seoul overpass destined for demolition has been transformed into an elevated 983-meter-long park.

Seoullo, or Seoul Street, will link the Namdaemun market — a dilapidated tourist spot — with the Malli-dong, Jungnim-dong and Cheongpa-dong neighborhoods by running over the top of Seoul's central station. In recent years, the highway has garnered a reputation as one of the city's rougher spots.

“This will not only restore the overpass but become a catalyst for the revival and regeneration of neighboring regions through the high number of visitors,” Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said during a recent visit to the site.

Demolition plans for the highway, which was plagued by safety issues before its renovation, were put into motion around 2006. It was during a hunt for green space in the area when city planners realized its hidden potential.

“Pedestrians need green areas, but it costs a lot to find new land. It’s much more efficient to turn old space into green space instead of tearing it down," said project chief Kwon Wan-taek. Accordingly, the overpass now features a haul of 24,000 trees and various other plants and flora.

The project was handled by Dutch company MVRDV at a construction cost of around $53 million.

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