‘First Dates’ is a series that is relatively self-explanatory. First, we find an artist we’re seriously crushing on. Then, if we have good chemistry, we take them out on the town for an activity of our choice. After that, all that’s left to do is to sit back and let the sparks fly.

As today’s R&B scene becomes increasingly more varied and expansive, it is getting harder and harder for emerging artists to make a lasting impression on audiences with quick attention spans. This is not a problem at all for serpentwithfeet, alias Josiah Wise, a rising singer who is bewitching, in every sense of the word.

serpentwithfeet shot to prominence at the tail-end of last year with the blisters EP, an astonishingly astute piece of music. Across five songs, Wise writes his romantic turmoil on the largest scale possible, likening his emotions to the primordial elements of nature itself. This is evidenced most clearly on the standout “four ethers,” a track utilizing a sample of sweeping orchestral arrangements under a vocal performance that sends shivers down your spine.

An ethereal quality extends far beyond his music into his very being; to say his appearance is striking would be gross understatement. A plethora of spindly tattoos are all over his body in addition to piercings almost intimidatingly large. His garb is something akin to a voodoo Stevie Nicks, a comparison that would also aptly describe his stage presence.

Where does one take an artist like this on a first date? The only thing we saw fit was to take serpentwithfeet as literally as possible. So we took him to see some real life serpents with feet at Berlin’s Natural History Museum. Watch our full date above and stream blisters below via Spotify.

Look out for serpentwithfeet to support Perfume Genius on tour this year in addition to an impending vinyl release of ‘blisters.’

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Music Editor