Seth Rogen American Pickle Movie
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Tom Hooper’s Razzie Award-collecting, feline facepalm-inducing film Cats hit digital rental platforms yesterday and, in an act of true self-sacrifice, a stoned Seth Rogen decided to tune-in and live-stream his viewing experience. As you might expect, the results are gold.

Rogen is clearly like all of us right now, diving deep into his personal vault of ‘how to stay sane in self-isolation,’ and already he has emerged with results that I hope all movie critics will take on board. And, once you read his Twitter monologue — which jumps from admiring the cats’ kicks to observations on how low-key fucked it is that Judi Dench is wearing a cat fur coat in a world full of them à la Buffalo Bill — I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

Watch the deeply disturbing Cats trailer below and keep scrolling for Rogen’s amazing review.

Cats is available to stream on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu.

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