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Seth Rogen has linked up with First We Feast host Alvin Cailan on an off-menu burger mission to crown the best secret meaty treat fast food has to offer. Dining on options from In-N-Out Burger, Shake Shack, and Five Guys, the boys munch their way through a bunch of patties before selecting the winner.

First up was In-N-Out’s Animal Style burger with chilis, a double patty griddled with mustard, finished off with pickles and a bunch of other tasty toppings. This one was looked so good that Rogen speaks for us all when he says, “I feel like I’ve been living a fool’s life in the dark for the last fucking 20 years.”

The Shake Shack Peanut Butter Bacon Burger was up next, which is essentially a gourmet patty with a side of peanut butter sauce. It was inspired by Missouri’s Guber Burger but didn’t get the thumbs up from Rogen or Cailan. “This sounds like a dish that in a 1980s movie a pregnant lady would order,” Rogen muses before both conclude upon tasting, “It’s weird.”

Last but not least was Five Guys’ Double Grilled-Cheese Burger, a towering hulk of cheese-laden meat with grilled-cheese buns, cheese-filled patties — a whole cow with a bit of bread, basically. While the burger apparently smells a little weird and is described by Cailan as a “stunt burger,” it tasted good and is so big it’ll feed you for days.

But which was the best? Check out the video above to find out, and then let us know which secret burger you’re salivating for in the comments.

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