We're back with another in-depth look at what people wore to Shanghai Fashion Week and this time we're focusing on a mandatory street style accessory: sick shades.

Season: FW18

Key Looks: There's a lot of great eyewear here, but the black frames with the red lenses in slide #2 give a futuristic glitch effect that is both arresting and functional.

Editor’s Notes: Shot by Joseph Jagos on the ground in Shanghai, we can see how the sunglasses on the international street scene are leaning towards small, almond-shaped frames at the moment – see the final slide for the perfect example. However, the folk at fashion week are also showing how to style out some equally strong options such as round frames, goggle-frames, and even a pair of graphic eyeball lenses.

For more next-level street style, check out what was being flexed in Seoul last week. 

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