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Earlier this week, JBL hosted the third final chapter of its city-to-city Poolside Casino series, shutting down the roof deck of the Life Time Athletic at Sky in New York City. With a packed party, the event treated guests to music from DJs Jus-Ske and Wonder, along with specialty cocktails from Avión Tequila and Martell, with beer from Heineken. As the name implies, attendees tried their luck at poolside casino and card tables, with the lucky winners walking away with JBL product—including the Charge 3 and Pulse 2 portable speakers, and hyper-limited Everest 700 headphones. Considering that Charge 3 is waterproof and the Pulse 2 is splash-proof, the pool was the perfect setting to JBL’s summer-ready gear first-hand.

Hosted by model and actress Shanina Shaik, JBL’s Poolside Casino was the perfect party to kick off the summer season. Amidst all the buzz generating around JBL’s speakers, we sat down with Shaik to discover her summer essentials, see what’s in rotation on her summer playlist, and how to bounce back from a long night out.

If you had to choose a spot, where do you like to hang loose and party for the summer?

So I don’t know if you know, my fiancé’s actually a DJ. So I’m having the experience of going to Vegas and Miami. I love the beach, so I think that’s one of my favorite places to just relax and stand by the pool, be on the beach, and have a good time with my friends and listen to music.

Absolutely. So when you’re building your set up for this season, what are your summer essentials?

Definitely a summer essential is having a speaker in your beach haul. It’s a must if you want to play music on the beach and just relax. It could be any type of tunes honestly. Oh, and sunscreen definitely, a good beach towel, and a good group of friends I’d say. But you need great music. Music’s a lifestyle for me, so that’s a must.

Speaking of music, what’s on your summer playlist? What are the must haves that you’ve got to have on any summer playlist?

I think for right now it’s the Kendrick Lamar album. I have a little Rihanna, some pop music, DNCE—things like that. What else? Mixes from DJs, I think those are really fun as well. I like to just get a different mix of tunes and download them from iTunes. iTunes has a great mix on there.

Great choices! Ok so, say you’re out for a long night—what’s your advice on bouncing back if you’ve got to get up and go the next morning?

Coming in from a long night, it’s really important to have some good protein, some carbohydrates, and then lots of water as well; just get some electrolytes back into you so you’re ready for the next day. I love festivals, I love summertime, so I think I’ve become a pro at it. I love Coachella, and those can long days and nights, so that’s what I do every morning—lots of water, have a good breakfast, and on the go again.

Obviously you’re very focused on staying fit, and you’ve mentioned that you try and eat very clean. How do you still go out and have a good time, but also stay on track with your fitness goals?

I think because I do work out consistently and keep on a schedule with my body, my workout and eat healthy, it’s not so hard for me to bounce back after a long night. But I say eating the right food and getting the electrolytes is a good move. Avoiding things like soggy, bad food too—I think it’ll be harder for you to wake up in the morning when you’ve eaten those kind of things after going out.

With today being the first day of summer, what are your summer 2017 goals?

I think it’ll just be to enjoy my summer and plan my wedding. That is actually my main goal [laughs], to get into planning my wedding.

Scope our snapshots from the NYC JBL Poolside Casino, and stayed tuned for info on the first-ever JBL Fest, going down in Las Vegas from July 27-29. Scope JBL’s waterproof speakers (and all its other top notch audio equipment) over on JBL’s online shop.

  • Photography: Bryan Luna / Highsnobiety.com
  • Underwater Photography: Nicole Sweet / Team Epiphany
Words by Gregory Babcock
Sponsored Content Editor, US