Shia LaBeouf may have already finished the script for his second feature-length film, The Playlist reports. It's apparently based on the life of BROCKHAMPTON frontman, Kevin Abstract.

According to reports, the new film is titled Minor Modifications. Similarly to LaBeouf's script debut, Honey Boy, the new movie is biographical fiction, and is described as following a Texan teen as he attempts to make sense of his identity, his relationships, sexuality, and his path in life.

The suggestion isn't too far fetched, considering LaBeouf and Abstract are friends and have talked openly in the past about their shared group therapy sessions. In a discussion between the pair published in i-D last year, Abstract likened his childhood to A24's The Florida Project, which could give us a hint of what's to come.

"While I was a kid I was happy," he told LaBeouf. "Everything felt awesome. Looking back though, it wasn’t the best, although it also wasn’t the worst. The Florida Project takes place in Kissimmee and the kids are so stoked, they’re having so much fun. It’s wild because I lived in Kissimmee around the same age as the kids in the movie and it was awesome. Looking back I’m just like damn that’s where I lived. It felt magic."

Read the whole interview here.

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