Just in time for the holidays, Shopify’s experimental product group, Garage, is launching Frenzy, a new flash sale app that aims to make exclusive product releases better for the world’s hottest retailers and their most loyal customers.

The goal of Frenzy is to ensure that flash sales are fast, fair and more exciting than ever before. This in turn means no more fighting crowds, standing in line, refreshing web pages or losing out to resellers. And for brands, Frenzy allows you to run safe and secure flash sales that promise an enjoyable experience for customers.

Frenzy requires no account creation, no fumbling with credit cards, and no racing to enter shipping details. All you have to do is simply tap and check out instantly.

Built on Shopify's highly scalable platform, the application can handle thousands of orders per minute, keeping flash sales running smoothly for businesses and consumers even under the highest levels of demand.

Oh, and last but not least, Frenzy is completely free to use.

Frenzy is launching this week with merchants KITH, Love Your Melon, Raised by Wolves, Off the Hook, and more who will be selling products exclusively on the app.

KITH’s first sale on Frenzy will be going live tomorrow, so download the app now!

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