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For those of us who endlessly reel off quotes from our favorite cartoon characters but can’t seem to find the right image to match, the Frinkiac search engine solves all of our Simpsons-related problems.

The nutty scientist, Professor Frink, has come up with a meme machine that lets you type in words, delivering screenshots from thousands of episodes. Once you find the right frame, you click on the “Make Meme” button and the quote appears on the image, making it a much faster process than sifting through Google.

With nearly 3 million screenshots currently available, the Frinkiac is sure to keep your daily dose of The Simpsons references up to scratch.

After you’ve spent endless hours making your memes, be sure to take look at Homer Simpson being transformed into a tasty 3D Stormtrooper in the video below.

Words by Jane Fayle