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Singapore Airlines have revamped the cabins for their Airbus A380 arsenal. The transition also welcomes the reduction of first class suites from 12 units down to 6 in order to provide a sense of “exclusivity and intimate privacy.”

Now, the first class cabins boast a swivel chair that has been done up in luxe leather, a full standalone bed, electronically adjustable roller-blinds, a 32-inch HDTV and an abundance of storage for your various items. When you’re not lounging on the bed, you can in turn stow it away into the dividing wall and take advantage of even more room. You can also combine two suites to make a two-person cabin with a double bed.

Due to cutting back on the number of first class suites, business class seating has been bumped up from 60 to 78, each featuring fully-reclining seats. Economy class then has its own section of 44 seats.

You can look forward to Singapore Airlines’ first Airbus A380 taking flight from Singapore to Sydney on December 8.

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