ruzza wazzi skateistan
Ruzza Wazzi / Matthew Mosselson

In 2016 Highsnobiety produced a documentary on Skateistan, the internationally-renowned NPO that works to build skateboarding and educational programs for low-income children in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ruzza Wazzi, one of the organization’s former educators, now has his own music career, but that hasn’t stopped him from helping out his alma mater in a big way.

His new single “The World I Gave” aka “T.W.I.G” is out now, along with an accompanying self-creative directed music video, in collaboration with Berlin-based filmmaker Kyle Ferguson. Watch it below.

He also collaborated with Die Antwoord’s art director Roger Ballen on cover artwork for the new single. You can see it below.

When the release gets to a million streams, Wazzi will be donating all of the royalties to our friends at Skateistan in commemoration of their eleventh anniversary.

Be sure to give the song a few streams, add to your playlist via Spotify and Apple Music, and head over to Skateistan to learn more about the non-profit and how to get involved.

  • Words: JP Kingston
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