Netflix’s Stranger Things is dominating the airwaves after Season 2 premiered on the streaming giant’s site today. To celebrate, Snapchat has partnered with Netflix to give users a Stranger Things-themed augmented reality experience.

The new feature allows users to step into the Byers’ living room, acting like a sort of portal into the Stranger Things world. In the video above you can see the infamous light messaging board and the Demagogue from the Upside Down coming through the wall, in what is a terrifyingly immersive experience.

Along with the AR feature, Snapchat has launched a filter of Eleven’s bloody nose (great for Halloween) as well as an interactive easter egg, where users use the Shazam app through Snapchat to transport straight into the Byer’s living room during the opening credits.

For more Stranger Things goodness, check out a (spoiler-free) look at what goes down in season 2.

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