It’s an open secret that Snapchat is full of cheaters. Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, type “Snapchat cheating” into Google and you can see that the app is a favorite for people in relationships hoping to nab themselves a side piece.

Cheaters might have to find a new go-to app however, as Snapchat just released a controversial new feature that makes things that little bit harder to sneak around.

The update is optional but if you’ve opted in, opening up the Stories section will show a map with the location of all your Snapchat mutuals ( people who you follow and who follow you back), represented by various bitmojis.

Despite the new feature being totally creepy and potentially unsafe, if you’re currently being unfaithful, it’s also a sure-fire way to get caught.

Though we’re not sure how true the claims are, people have already taken to social media to say the update has already exposed cheaters. Others have pointed out the obvious: if you’re so worried about Snapchat ruining your relationship, maybe don’t cheat in the first place?

In other tech news, Facebook is launching a new video app for influencers.

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