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When a rapper like Sneaks comes around, it’s imperative to give her your full attention. Better known as Eva Moolchan, the Washington DC-based artist is making the underground music world a better place for queer black womxn with a diverse palette of feminist punk anthems that are intersectional at their core. Today, we’re premiering Sneaks’ music video for “Hong Kong to Amsterdam,” the closing track off her forthcoming album Highway Hypnosis. Emmett Kerr-Perkinson shot the visual for the a Jacknife Lee-produced banger on a Bolex while traveling with Sneaks on tour in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

“I wanted to use the energy of the tour as a vehicle for the video but avoid making a ‘tour video’ and I think we accomplished that,” he explained in an email. “In some ways it became an unintentional love letter to the European transit system.”

Highway Hypnosis is slated to drop on January 25 via Merge Records and is available for pre-order. Until then, revisit Sneaks’ previous records It’s a Myth and Gymnastics, and watch the full video below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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