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Following an unveiling at Stockholm Design Week, architecture studio Snøhetta gives us a look at its new chair made from recycled plastic and steel. Dubbed the S-1500, the chair is produced in collaboration with furniture manufacturer Nordic Comfort Products.

The body of the S-1500 is constructed entirely from plastic waste, while the subframe is made from repurposed steel, all taken from fish farming companies in Norway, including Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett and Nova Sea. These outfits provide Nordic Comfort Products with fish nets, ropes and pipes that are then turned into usable material for the chair.

Snøhetta hopes that by utilizing recycled materials from local businesses, it will benefit the economy, while simultaneously promoting the use of scrap items. The studio insists it is not necessary to source plastic from all across the globe when you have the necessary materials at your doorstep.

With its unique design due to various surface patterns and textures, Snøhetta’s S-1500 chair is ultimately meant for use in schools, offices and other public institutions, although the company would like to see it in homes and more social venues as well.

For now, the chair is on display at Stockholm Design Week through February 9.

Not NYC, not LA.

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