If you’re new to hockey, the NHL has tapped none other than Snoop Dogg, “The Professor of Puck,” aka “Dogg Cherry” to explain some of the slang in the sport, as the 2018 NHL Playoffs are currently underway.

Essentially breaking terms down starting from letters A to Z, Snoop shares that A is for apples and assists, Biscuit simply means the puck and Flow is about “wild hair.” Snoop explains further that “Pipes are the goal post. I’ll use it in a sentence,” and he says. “That guy hit the pipe.”

In addition, he says, “The five-hole is the space between the goalie’s leg, going five-hole sounds dirty, but it just means scoring in the most humiliating way possible.” Overall, Dogg Cherry concluded that many of the slang words are based on food, and added, “whoever came up with this has got the munchies and I need to see y’all in the green room.”

Enjoy the clip above, and in other news, Kobe Bryant’s BodyArmor is going after Gatorade in its new campaign below.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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