No matter what you think about Vetements, you've at least by now heard of some of the brand's more controversial statements pieces. You've discussed that $330 DHL T-shirt, you've seen the $895 Titanic sweatshirt. So if they released a $924 T-shirt with your face plastered all over the front, you'd probably know about it. Unless you're Snoop Dogg, that is.

It's already laughable that the Parisian design collective is flogging a cotton T-shirt for that price, especially given that it's basically a replica of the ones from Snoop's "Beware of Dogg" tour merch in 1993. But Snoop Dogg's reaction to it is even funnier. The legendary rapper recently commented on the T-shirt in an interview with HYPEBEAST, stating:

"Are you serious?! Where do you buy that shirt? How do you sell a picture of Snoop Dogg on a T-shirt for $924? I wouldn’t even pay 900-something dollars for a Snoop Dogg shirt and I know the muthaf***a. Hell nah, hell nah! Nah, but that’s a good thing man, continued success to whoever sellin’ it man, hopefully one day soon y’all give me something. Break bread or fake dead, y’all know what it is!"

You're not the only one, Snoop: Head designer Demna Gvasalia says even he won’t pay Vetements prices.

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