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Getty Images / Patrick McMullan

It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly Solange is going to drop a project, but the first hint is always a massive distribution of visual art. Today, the singer-songwriter took over BlackPlanet, a popular social media site from the late ’90s that gave the black community a safe space to interact and engage online. If this is a marketing strategy for new material, it definitely worked because she currently has everyone’s attention.

In addition to a gorgeous spread of photographs on the dossier of Solange’s profile designed by Querida and developed by Feijoo–Montenegro, there are also short video clips and GIFs of her along with short writings that are likely lyrics to new songs. Solange previously hinted at one of the outfits in a post on Instagram this past October. There is also a page for fans to sign up for a newsletter.

Last year, Solange told The New York Times Style Magazine that she was finished with the follow-up album to 2016’s A Seat at the Table and that it would “likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment.”

Catch a glimpse of the spread in the post below and fully take it all in at

Words by Sydney Gore
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