Soulja Boy isn’t really having what many would consider a good year. After his social media fight with Chris Brown has escalated to become the all-singing, all-dancing televised spectacle of the year, bad luck continues to follow the beloved “Crank Dat” rapper. News has just broke via TMZ that his Hollywood mansion has just been burgled, and he has lost more than $20K in damage.

The robbery took place on Tuesday morning, and the culprit made off with upwards of $10K in cash and more than $12K in jewelry and valuables. As of press time, no suspect has been apprehended. But gee, who could have possibly been involved in such a damaging act toward Soulja Boy? What a mystery.

In an unrelated subject, Soulja Boy’s fight with Chris Brown is set to take place in Dubai very soon, with the artists being respectively trained by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Mike Tyson. Tyson is particularly passionate about the brawl, as evidenced by a recent diss track against Soulja Boy, captured below for your listening pleasure.

We have a few opinions regarding this whole Soulja Boy/Chris Brown debacle, and we came to some interesting conclusions after further thinking. See why we think they have a lot in common with Disney child stars right here.

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