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Stepping inside the Soulland workspace the mood is calm and the design is bright and relaxed. Plants and personal items take priority and metalwork as stone pillars display the latest collections. Outside, the neighborhood is creative and the architecture minimal. As a brand, design principles and aesthetics are firmly rooted in Scandinavian artisanship, and Soulland aims to produce high quality goods and always remain forward-thinking in the fashion industry.

The space is centred around productivity and people – with Soulland choosing to grow their network organically with good parties and a positive space to hang out. We caught up with Soulland CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner and Creative Director Silas Adler for a conversation about their workspace.

What’s your favorite aspect of your work space?

We signed friends to produce different parts of the space. Spacon&x played a big part in the design and we were able to make it exactly how we wanted. The facade of the building is so nice that it makes you happy just seeing it in the morning.

Tell us what you do to give the workspace a feeling of community.

There’s space for personal things, items that we find and bring in to the space from our travels around the world, and lots of pictures of our friends and parties.

What about your favorite piece of furniture or equipment?

The greenhouse built into the wall is great and makes the room feel green and open, and it acts as an organic room divider.

Is there anything specific you do to keep the space inspiring?

Art and alcohol.

What role does location play with regards to your space?

Location is really important to us. Our office is just around the corner from the Soulland store and close to some of the other businesses that we work with.

If you could add something new or change one thing about the space what would it be?

It’s freezing cold in the winter. We tend to forget that in the summer and then winter hits and we’re suddenly all sitting around with jackets on inside.

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Words by Lydia Garnett for Highsnobiety.com

Photography by Abdellah Ihadian

Words by Staff