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Highsnobiety / Will Beach

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British politics are going to continue to be in a state of general election-fueled uproar for the next few weeks, but (as Americans who can attest to this with a great deal of experience) this is often the best time to let loose and party. London's Phonox – the Brixton venue offering lineups reliably international in scope – is playing host to an excellent slew of upcoming talent that will take over Saturday nights this fall.

Titled Mantra, the project will span nine weeks and put a focus on emerging hip-hop talent from both Britain and countries spanning the globe. It all kicks off at our Highsnobiety Soundsystem event on September 21, which will see a stellar appearance, among others, from Bone Soda's Tommy Gold.

Together with fellow musical mavens Skinny Macho and Truce Susan, Tommy Gold has solidified the label and club night Bone Soda as shorthand for a club sound that exemplifies international fusion at its best. Ahead of the launch of Mantra, we caught up with Tommy as the latest entry in our Soundsystem Curator series to get a glimpse of his multifaceted London (along with a truly excellent playlist to match to soundtrack it). Take a look and listen below.

Highsnobiety / Will Beach
Highsnobiety / Will Beach

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

I'm a West London native and I move from party to party to make people dance.

What makes London different to any other place on Earth?

There's nothing like a London party, they're unbeatable.

What restaurant do you go to when you're tying to impress?

It depends who I’m trying to impress but for good food, Koya in Soho is always the one.

Where do you go for comfort food?

Jay Dee's on Lancaster Road.

What spot in the City do you never get tired of visiting?

Any of the stores in Soho my friends work in.

Which store do you go to when you're looking to spend big?

My good friend Finn always has custom embroidered pieces. Whenever he’s in town that's where my money's going... Apart from that I love the homeware accessories in Garbstore.

Where in London do you go if you're looking for some peace and tranquility?

The speed of this city is one of the reasons It suits me. When I need to clear my mind I'll just take a bike ride and listen back to a radio show.

Highsnobiety / Will Beach
Highsnobiety / Will Beach

What 5 items do you never travel without?

USB, headphones, a steamer for my clothes, essential oils, and a neck pillow.

What's your most coveted grail (clothing / possession)?

It's always changing. Usually whatever shoes I’m wearing that month - this month it’s my Cactus Jack Jordan 1s.

Briefly talk us through your playlist - what are some of the tracks that remind you of London, and why?

I've built this playlist as a soundscape for my interpretation of London. There’s everything contrary between K15’s broken beat remix of Sofatalk’s track "Hypnotize" and the monotonous tone of Baxter Dury's spoken word on "Miami." Still, I think they make sense together in this playlist.

On the track "Respect Me" by Dizzee Rascal, the instrumental is DJ Wonder - what. Back then lots of MCs were using the same beats. If this same process was to happen more in today's music, I think the track from Vegyn's 71-track project “Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God!” would be one of those beats. The track is entitled "Olbass Allbass 004," which was used for Jesse James Solomon’s "Fire in the Booth."

Be sure to check out Mantra for further info on the upcoming series.

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