Last year we reached out to the buyers from oki-ni,  MR PORTER and Bodega to gain some insight as to which trends would gain the most traction in Spring/Summer 2016. After gauging what they had seen during the season’s various fashion weeks, the industry insiders came to a mutual accord that souvenir jackets and ’70s oriental embroidery would be the sartorial craze of SS16.

Now that we’ve essentially reached the end of the FW16 fashion circus, we have to say that the satin Japanese jackets will undoubtedly be sticking around for the long run. While everyone from Saint Laurent and Valentino to Stüssy and Fuct spearheaded the trend in SS16, the following season will see a slew of designers also echoing the graphic outerwear.

After assessing what we witnessed all throughout the FW16 fashion calendar and with retailers slowly starting to churn out souvenir jackets for SS16, we decided to round up a few of our favorites. Keep in mind, only a handful of these jackets are available for immediate purchase, but at least you can start making a list of which ones to cop, drop or find affordable alternatives for.

Louis Vuitton, FW16


LOSERS “Born and raised in Japan”, FW16


Fuct SSDD x Revive City Slang Jacket


BUY NOW / $600

Gucci, FW16

Virginia Arcaro/Dazed



BUY NOW / $343

Valentino, SS16

Hypebeast Hong Kong

Mademe “Pretty On the Inside” Jacket


BUY NOW / $245

Stüssy World Tour Jacket


BUY NOW / $163

Alexander McQueen, SS16


BUY NOW / $1,680

Saint Laurent, SS16

Hypebeast Hong Kong

Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America