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If you’ve opened your Twitter feed in the last few hours, you’ll have noticed the devastated Marvel fans struggling to understand the current fallout between Sony and Disney and how it may result in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being axed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, was reportedly attempting to switch up its deal with Spider-Man rights owner Sony Pictures, asking for a 50-50 split rather than its current deal amounting to 5 percent of first-dollar gross. But Sony isn’t playing along and the two companies appear to have parted ways.

What that means is that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has essentially been nixed from producing future Spider-Man movies and that the character is back outside the MCU. The breakdown also calls into question Holland’s ongoing involvement with the character. And given how perfect Holland was in the Avengers and Marvel Spidey movies — and how standalone Sony Spider-Man movies have panned out in the past — fans are not happy. Like, at all.

Check out some fan reactions to the news below.

Stan Lee would not approve

Tony Stark is pretty pissed off, too

What was it all for?

History repeats itself

I’m not crying, you are

This won’t end well

The numbers speak for themselves

Before and after

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