Fifty-six-year-old model Nicola Griffin is set to appear in the next iteration of Sports Illustrated's annual "Swimsuit Issue," which is pretty incredible considering that even models half her age struggle to get into its impossibly perfect pages.

Admittedly, this isn't a case of Sports Illustrated getting all worried about body equality after decades of presenting a vision of unattainable beauty, nor has Lena Dunham suddenly become the magazine's new editor.

What actually happened is that Swimsuits for All – a retailer specializing in swimsuits for more voluptuous ladies – took out some ads in the 2016 Swimsuit Issue and recruited unconventional models to show off their unconventional wares.

Two plus-sized models, Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao also make an appearance; and all three of the aforementioned models are shot in the same gold two-piece, rising out of the azure sea at dusk Baywatch-style.

The 2016 Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Issue" goes online February 15.

Check out last year's, more conventionally beautiful Swimsuit Issue.

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