spotify mute feature

If you were one of the many annoyed at Spotify‘s over-the-top promotion of Drake’s Scorpion album last year, then you’re in luck. The music streaming platform has rolled out a new feature that offers users the chance to mute certain artists, Pitchfork reports.

The block can be found in the menu bar of an artist’s page, and once unselected, tracks from said artist — while they may remain listed — will no longer autoplay in playlists, charts, radio channels, or your personal library.

The function cannot as of yet stop tracks in which your selected blockee is not the primary artist, however. For example, muting R. Kelly does not necessarily mean that Justin Bieber’s “PYD” ft. R. Kelly will be blocked from your feed, too.

The feature is only available on the mobile app at present. More information to follow.

In other news, Kanye West debuts possible new ‘YANDHI’ track, “We’ll Find a Way.”

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