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It goes without saying that 2017 has been quite a year for music. Instead of asking everyone in the office about their opinions on the best track of the past 12 months, we thought we’d take a different approach. We had Highsnobiety staff dig into their Spotify Wrapped data to share their most-streamed track of the year.

There are the expected usual suspects like Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Tyler, The Creator, who all happened to release outstanding albums this year, but also many wildcards like Korean-American multi-hyphenate Jay Park and girl group Little Mix. Listen to 30 of the Highsnobiety team’s most-streamed songs below, and catch everyone’s thoughts on their top tracks after the jump.

Future Islands – “Aladdin”

“Ever since Future Islands dropped Wave Like Home back in 2008, I feel like I have spent much of my life waiting for the release of each new album. And after On the Water and Singles, I was convinced topping either of these would be near impossible. Yet once The Far Field hit digital shelves, and opened up with “Aladdin” and brought back Blondie’s Debbie Harry for “Shadows,” I was proved wrong… of course.”

– Adam Barnard, Weekend Editor

Kendrick Lamar – “DUCKWORTH.”

“This song has it all. 9th Wonder provides a beat that switches things up better than any Alfred Hitchcock plot twist. And of course, Kendrick Lamar’s storytelling is second to none. If you needed any further proof that it’s song of the year, Lamar has also said that it’s a true story.”

– Alec Banks, Editor

SZA – “Love Galore” ft. Travis Scott

“Lyrics? Yes! Vocal? Yes! Narrative? Relatable! Sex? Yes! SZA? HOT!”

– Ana Silva, Audience Development

Stormzy – “Cold”

“Sometimes instead of having a cup of coffee in the morning, I just put this song/album on and I get loads done during the day.”

– Avery Lim, Jr. Frontend Developer

Father John Misty – “Leaving L.A.”

“Appropriately, my most streamed song on Spotify of 2017 is the 12-minute opus “Leaving LA” by Father John Misty. I’ve actually been trying to move back to LA since I first stepped foot off the plane in Berlin 6 years ago. Hopefully Tillman’s next album includes a song called “Leaving Berlin.””

– Brock Cardiner, Editorial Director, EU

Tawiah – “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

“England’s music scene has been thriving in the last years (Jorja Smith, Obongjayar and IAMDDB). It’s incredible to hear something that immediately reminds me of home and all feelings associated with it.”

– Candice Nembhard, Staff Writer

Young Thug – “For Y’all” ft. Jacquees

“This outlandish number had me hooked from the first listen, despite the fact that the first 10 seconds or so sound like a Tex Mex commercial. Only Young Thug can pull off a beat like this. Beautiful Thugger Girls was packed with bangers, and so was SUPER SLIMEY for that matter, but “For Y’all” was peak Thugger for me this year.”

– Chris Danforth, Sneakers Editor

Mount Kimbie – “Blue Train Lines” ft. King Krule

“It’s Mount Kimbie doing post-punk with King Krule sneering and howling morose lyrics like, “I wanna fall forever if you ain’t in my life.” What’s not to love?”

– Daniel Pearson, Life Editor

Sonder – “Too Fast”

“Probably my favourite upcoming artist of 2017. Love to listen to their music when I come back from work and just want to relax.”

– Dominik Schulte, Image Director

Thundercat – “A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II)”

“I listen to this feelgood tune all the time since my cat-obsessed friend sent it to me and it makes me think of the great holiday we had together.”

– Emily Dreesen, Audience Development Manager

SAINt JHN – “Some Nights”

“It’s just so dark but at the same time flows and, if you’re not really listening to the lyrics, you could chill out to this without getting overly emotional. Great songs to me are songs that I can do anything to – play FIFA, workout, work/write, and relax – this song is great.”

– Fabian Gorsler, Staff Writer

Jay Park – “Yacht” ft. Sik-K

“This is may be a guilty pleasure but Cha Cha Malone just nails the summer vibe. On top of that, the music video was sweet with the silky Versace steeze and some lovely choreography. The Korean music wave is slowly making its way here, get with it!”

– George Ocampo, Creative Team

Little Mix – “Touch”

“What can I say? I like cheesy tunes and dancing to the most fizziest of pop on a Friday night. This is simply a cheeky pop ballad from a vocally unappreciated band.”

– Jaiden James, Social Media Editor

LCD Soundsystem – “tonite”

“Considering that I’ve lived my entire adult life convinced LCD Soundsystem were well and gone, it’s no surprise that I spent the better part of this year cranking their comeback album. “tonite” in particular is classic LCD; squelching synth over a driving beat that creates a dance floor wherever you are, all packaged under James Murphy’s existential moaning. Pretty anthemic of 2017, really.”

– Jake Boyer, Music Editor

Quicksand – “Illuminant”

“After a 22 year hiatus, Quicksand was back in 2017 with a new record and this fantastic single that reminded us why they transcend hardcore and rock.”

– Jeff Carvalho, Managing Director, US

N.E.R.D – “Lemon”

“I’ve been waiting seven years for a new N.E.R.D album. The lead single reminds me why I love them so much—it’s wonderfully weird, slightly pop-tinged, catchy as hell, and in a class of its own.”

– Jian Deleon, Editorial Director, US

Daniel Caesar – “Best Part” ft. H.E.R.

“My favorite track from my favorite album of the year. It really could have been any song on Freudian, though.”

– Jonathan Sawyer, Staff Writer

Kali Uchis – “Tyrant” ft. Jorja Smith

“Kali Uchis is one of my favourite people. I feel like she was the artist I listened to the most this year, and this song is just so good. Her voice heals my soul.”

– Karolina Mitura, Audience Development

6lack – “Free”

“Lots of memories connected to this song from a moment where I was with my closest friends, experienced crazy stuff that night and met new people that became part of the family.”

– Klaudia Podsiadlo, Head of Production

SZA – “Love Galore” ft. Travis Scott

“I’ve had the entire album on repeat since it came out, but the back-and-forth between SZA and the ultimate fuckboy Travis Scott on “Love Galore” is so good, it needs an extra replay.”

– Lia McGarrigle, Staff Writer

Amnesia Scanner – “AS Gardens Need Walls”

“This mix of aggressive melancholia, disrupted melodies and a noise-like beat gets me going every time. However, Mr. Oizo’s “Lars Von Sen” would no doubt have been in first if i had discovered it earlier in the year. If you like a drop, this is it! Who needs trap anyway?”

– Louie McPherson, Video Editor

Frank Ocean – “Provider”

“12 months after Blonde, Frank released this slow, melancholic track that I had on repeat as summer transitioned into fall this year. Hoping for more new music from him in 2018.”

– Manus Browne, Editorial Assistant / Junior Image Editor

Lil Uzi Vert – “XO Tour LIif3”

“As a hip hop fan with a penchant for despondent emo lyrics, I listened to “XO TOUR LIif3” more than any other song this year. It’s a banger which you can also cry too, which kind of sums up how I felt about most of 2017.”

– Max Grobe, Associate Fashion Editor

Future & Young Thug – “Real Love”

“Young Thug & Future are the dream team we never knew we needed, and their collaborative SUPER SLIMEY as a whole is a winner. “Real Love” on its own is the ultimate banger to my ears – the beat is infectious and the lyrics are both intensely sensual and emotional. 2017 was truly a stellar year for rap, but this track takes the hippin’ hoppin’ cake.”

– Naina Kamath, Senior Social Media Editor

Tyler, The Creator – “See You Again” ft. Kali Uchis

“Tyler, The Creator, an outstanding artist, plus Kali Uchi’s voice and awesome trumpets in the background?! Say no more fam.”

– Nigel Minani, Commerce Content Curator

Drake – “Signs”

“Sunday, hungover – “Signs” is the best track for a cold, grey, rainy day at home.

– Paul Waldherr, Online Marketing Intern

NAV – “Myself”

“Having spent my early years in the GTA suburbs on a steady diet of 90s hip-hop and multiculturalism, I have a deep affinity for the post-Drake wave of music that’s been bubbling up from the youth of that area. Straightforward and honest, XO’s NAV was the one who stood out to me in 2017 and “Myself” from his debut mixtape, NAV, ended up being my #1 most streamed track this year. The drowsy flow and candid lyrics about proving people wrong, overcoming obstacles and the ups and downs of success he speaks on throughout the mixtape are topics that speak to me and had the full thing on repeat all summer. And I mean, lines like “I remember being broke and down bad, now I pay nothing for my sneakers ’cause I’m NAV” (from track 2, “NAV”) are… scary relatable.”

– Pete Williams, Highsnobiety Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Jonwayne – “Hills” ft. Zeroh

“There’s a tactile quality this song holds, maybe it’s something about the pain of Zeroh’s voice. Either way, I just want to hear this surround me on repeat.”

– Sam Inerfield, Creative Team

Big Shaq – “Mans Not Hot”

“ISSA BANGER. U get me, fam?”

– Sandra Motwary, Social Media Editor

Tyler, The Creator – “Garden Shed” ft. Estelle

Scum F**k Flower Boy was definitely the album I had on loop most this year and there’s so much in this song, I can’t get bored of it – it’s chill, hazy, summery hip-hop at its best.”

– Shane Gormley, Creative Team

Hammer – “Love Somebody”

“This tune got teased all over every party I went to over the last 6 months. Class bassline, vocal is unreal, everything you could possibly want from a dance record. Big up the Hammer.”

– Thomas Jamison, Video Strategist

Calvin Harris – “Slide” ft. Frank Ocean & Migos

“Frank Ocean. That’s all.”

– Ufuk Inci, Production

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