Montreal-based retailer SSENSE and Fear of God come together to present a new collaborative collection.

Presented amidst volcanic debris in Iceland, the collection is very much based within the denim and flannel-heavy aesthetic that we've seen in Jerry Lorenzo's mainline Fear of God offerings. To accompany the lookbook, SSENSE also frames the collaboration within a conversation between Lorenzo and SSENSE editor-in-chief Joerg Koch. Check out some excerpts of the interview below.

All the things that have influenced me up till now—Kurt Cobain, Iverson, my faith—practicality is also one of them. I’ve got to get up and go to the gym this morning. Then I have a lunch meeting and some other things to do. So how is my wardrobe conducive to what lies ahead in the day? Through layering, you can look cool and be presentable for lunch meetings.”

“Living in L.A., I know that a hoodie is too hot and a muscle doesn’t say, “That’s a piece.” But if it’s short sleeved and got zippers, that’s a piece, you know what I mean? That’s what was missing. I used to wear flannels, but how do you elevate that and make it into something a little more me? How do I make it when I put on this cap sleeve flannel I feel like John Bender in The Breakfast Club, or Remy from that skinhead college movie Higher Learning?”

“I think everybody is attracted to fashion. We all get up in the morning and make a decision about what to put on. It’s the solution for what you want to say. That’s why I don’t call myself a designer. I went to Raf’s show in Italy, like, I’m not that. I’m not that. I’m not conceptual and art-driven. I’m solution-oriented. I know this kid wants a flannel, so how am I going to make the best version of it? How do I make the best version of an American wardrobe?

Jerry Lorenzo

Head to SSENSE to check out the full interview.

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