After earlier this year getting a look at what it would cost to be Captain America, now we delve into what it would take to build a real-word AT-AT. The All Terrain Armored Transport, or AT-AT Walker, is a four-legged transport and combat vehicle used by the Imperial ground forces.

As expected, a real-life Star Wars AT-AT would run you quite the pretty penny. According to the breakdown below, LaWS lasers would be roughly $22 million, ATHENA lasers would run you $50 million, leg joints and the motor would be priced at $8.5 million, main armor construction would cost about $146 million, and finally, your crew would warrant about $192,000 per year. All of this then totals to a cool $226.5 million, in addition to the aforementioned annual crew costs.

So, who's ready to start building?

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